Schedule & Results, Challenge Cup, 2015-2016 (Caledonia Minor Hockey)

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Thursday, October 15, 2015
Novice A16:00 PMCLA Glanbrook Rangers5-3Caledonia Thunder
Atom AE26:30 PMALMAS Caledonia Thunder3-2Glanbrook Rangers
Atom Rep B37:00 PMCLA Tillsonburg Tornadoes2-5Glanbrook Rangers
Atom AE47:30 PMALMAS Tillsonburg Tornadoes0-5Lincoln Blades
Bantam Rep58:00 PMCLA Glanbrook Rangers1-2Dundas Blues
Bantam Rep68:30 PMALMAS Simcoe Warriors0-1Caledonia Thunder
Midget Rep79:00 PMCLA Dundas Blues3-3Caledonia Thunder
Midget Rep89:30 PMALMAS Niagara On The Lake Wolves2-0Ayr Flames
Friday, October 16, 2015
Novice B911:30 AMALMAS Mt. Brydges Cougars2-3Simcoe Warriors
PW AE A1012:00 PMCLA Hespeler Shamrocks2-0Caledonia Thunder
Novice B1112:00 PMHA Dundas Blues6-2Hagersville Hawks
Atom Rep A1212:00 PMCMA Caledonia Thunder5-1Dundas Blues
PW AE B1312:30 PMALMAS Milton Winterhawks2-2Glanbrook Rangers
PW AE A141:00 PMCLA St. Mary's Rock0-8Lincoln Blades
Atom Rep B151:00 PMHA Welland Tigers2-3Milton Winterhawks
PW Rep A161:00 PMCMA Caledonia Thunder1-3Hamilton Huskies
Ban AE A171:30 PMALMAS Lincoln Blades2-2Dorchester Dragons
Atom AE182:00 PMCLA Orillia Terriers3-0Merriton Bulldogs
Atom Rep A192:00 PMHA Midland Centennials2-0Petrolia Oilers
PW Rep B202:00 PMCMA Dundas Blues0-7Ayr Flames
Ban AE B212:30 PMALMAS Glanbrook Rangers1-6Caledonia Thunder
Novice A223:00 PMCLA Amherstview Loyalist Jets6-6Hamilton Huskies
PW Rep A233:00 PMHA St. Catharines Falcons0-4Petrolia Oilers
PW AE B243:00 PMCMA Huntsville Otters3-4Oro Thunder
Bantam Rep243:30 PMALMAS Petrolia Oilers5-0Simcoe Warriors
Atom AE264:00 PMCLA Pelham Panthers0-4Tillsonburg Tornadoes
PW Rep B274:00 PMHA Essex Ravens6-3Loyalist Jets
Ban AE B284:00 PMCMA Orillia Terriers0-1Pelham Panthers
Novice B294:30 PMALMAS Mt. Brydges Cougars9-2Dundas Blues
Atom Rep B305:00 PMCLA Tillsonburg Tornadoes5-1Welland Tigers
PW AE A315:00 PMHA Caledonia Thunder3-2St. Mary's Rock
PW AE A325:00 PMCMA Lincoln Blades0-1Hespeler Shamrocks
Novice B335:30 PMALMAS Simcoe Warriors12-2Hagersville Hawks
Atom Rep A346:00 PMCLA Petrolia Oilers2-3Caledonia Thunder
Atom Rep B356:00 PMHA Milton Winterhawks2-2Glanbrook Rangers
PW AE B366:00 PMCMA Glanbrook Rangers5-1Huntsville Otters
Atom AE376:30 PMALMAS Lincoln Blades3-1Orillia Terriers
Novice A387:00 PMCLA Caledonia Thunder3-0Amherstview Loyalist Jets
Novice A397:00 PMHA Hamilton Huskies1-5Glanbrook Rangers
PW AE B407:00 PMCMA Oro Thunder0-4Milton Winterhawks
Atom Rep A417:30 PMALMAS Dundas Blues2-0Midland Centennials
PW Rep A428:00 PMCLA Petrolia Oilers5-1Caledonia Thunder
PW Rep B438:00 PMHA Loyalist Jets0-2Dundas Blues
PW Rep A448:00 PMCMA Hamilton Huskies3-0St. Catharines Falcons
PW Rep B458:30 PMALMAS Ayr Flames6-2Essex Ravens
Bantam Rep469:00 PMCLA Caledonia Thunder4-2Glanbrook Rangers
Bantam Rep479:00 PMHA Dundas Blues2-2Petrolia Oilers
Ban AE A489:00 PMCMA Uxbridge Stars0-4Huntsville Otters
Midget Rep499:30 PMALMAS Dorchester Dragons2-1New Hamburg Huskies
Saturday, October 17, 2015
Atom AE508:00 AMCLA Glanbrook Rangers4-2Pelham Panthers
Novice B518:00 AMHA Dundas Blues0-8Simcoe Warriors
Novice A528:00 AMCMA Hamilton Huskies3-4Caledonia Thunder
Atom AE538:30 AMALMAS Merriton Bulldogs1-4Caledonia Thunder
Atom Rep A549:00 AMCLA Midland Centennials4-3Caledonia Thunder
Novice B559:00 AMHA Hagersville Hawks0-18Mt. Brydges Cougars
Novice A569:00 AMCMA Glanbrook Rangers4-2Amherstview Loyalist Jets
Atom Rep B579:30 AMALMAS Milton Winterhawks6-2Tillsonburg Tornadoes
Atom Rep A5810:00 AMCLA Dundas Blues3-1Petrolia Oilers
PW AE A5910:00 AMHA Hespeler Shamrocks5-1St. Mary's Rock
PW AE A6010:00 AMCMA Lincoln Blades3-1Caledonia Thunder
Atom Rep B6110:30 AMALMAS Glanbrook Rangers7-0Welland Tigers
Ban AE B6211:00 AMCLA Caledonia Thunder0-1Orillia Terriers
PW Rep A6311:00 AMHA St. Catharines Falcons6-3Caledonia Thunder
Bantam Rep6411:00 AMCMA Dundas Blues1-0Caledonia Thunder
Ban AE A6511:30 AMALMAS Dorchester Dragons3-1Uxbridge Stars
Ban AE B6612:00 PMCLA Pelham Panthers8-0Glanbrook Rangers
PW Rep A6712:00 PMHA Hamilton Huskies5-1Petrolia Oilers
Bantam Rep6812:00 PMCMA Glanbrook Rangers0-5Petrolia Oilers
Ban AE A6912:30 PMALMAS Huntsville Otters7-1Lincoln Blades
PW AE B701:00 PMCLA Milton Winterhawks2-1Huntsville Otters
Midget Rep711:00 PMHA Ayr Flames2-2New Hamburg Huskies
Midget Rep721:00 PMCMA Caledonia Thunder2-4Niagara On The Lake Wolves
PW AE B731:30 PMALMAS Glanbrook Rangers1-0Oro Thunder
Atom AE742:00 PMCLA Pelham Panthers2-8Caledonia Thunder
Midget Rep752:00 PMHA Dorchester Dragons2-0Dundas Blues
PW Rep B762:00 PMCMA Dundas Blues1-2Essex Ravens
Atom AE772:30 PMALMAS Merriton Bulldogs0-1Orillia Terriers
Atom AE783:00 PMHA Tillsonburg Tornadoes1-4Glanbrook Rangers
PW Rep B793:00 PMCMA Loyalist Jets1-4Ayr Flames
NoviceSF13:00 PMCLA Caledonia Thunder2-9Simcoe Warriors
NoviceSF23:30 PMALMAS Mt. Brydges Cougars15-3Glanbrook Rangers
Bantam Rep804:00 PMHA Petrolia Oilers2-1Caledonia Thunder
Ban AE B814:00 PMCMA Pelham Panthers5-0Caledonia Thunder
Atom RepSF34:10 PMCLA Dundas Blues2-1Glanbrook Rangers
Atom RepSF44:40 PMALMAS Milton Winterhawks4-5Midland Centennials
Ban AE A825:00 PMHA Huntsville Otters4-1Dorchester Dragons
Ban AE B835:00 PMCMA Orillia Terriers8-0Glanbrook Rangers
Pee Wee AESF55:20 PMCLA Lincoln Blades2-4Glanbrook Rangers
Pee Wee AESF65:50 PMALMAS Milton Winterhawks2-1Hespeler Shamrocks
Ban AE A836:00 PMHA Uxbridge Stars3-1Lincoln Blades
Bantam Rep856:00 PMCMA Simcoe Warriors3-1Dundas Blues
PW RepSF76:30 PMCLA Petrolia Oilers5-1Ayr Flames
Midget Rep867:00 PMCMA Dundas Blues2-2Ayr Flames
PW RepSF87:00 PMALMAS Essex Ravens4-1Hamilton Huskies
Midget Rep887:40 PMCLA Caledonia Thunder1-3New Hamburg Huskies
Bantam Rep878:00 PMCMA Glanbrook Rangers0-1Simcoe Warriors
Midget Rep898:10 PMALMAS Niagara On The Lake Wolves1-1Dorchester Dragons
Sunday, October 18, 2015
Atom AESF98:00 AMCLA Orillia Terriers7-2Caledonia Thunder
Atom AESF108:30 AMALMAS Glanbrook Rangers1-2Lincoln Blades
Bantam AESF119:10 AMCLA Orillia Terriers1-5Huntsville Otters
Bantam AESF129:40 AMALMAS Dorchester Dragons0-3Pelham Panthers
Midget RepSF1310:20 AMCLA Ayr Flames1-3Dorchester Dragons
Midget RepSF1410:50 AMALMAS New Hamburg Huskies1-3Niagara On The Lake Wolves
NoviceF111:30 AMCLA Mt. Brydges Cougars3-1Simcoe Warriors
Atom RepAtom Rep F212:00 PMALMAS Dundas Blues1-5Midland Centennials
PW AEPW AE F312:50 PMCLA Milton Winterhawks2-4Glanbrook Rangers
Atom AEAtom AE F41:20 PMALMAS Orillia Terriers3-2Lincoln Blades
Bantam RepBant Rep F52:10 PMCLA Dundas Blues1-2Petrolia Oilers
PW RepPW Rep F62:40 PMALMAS Essex Ravens1-2Petrolia Oilers
Midget RepMid Rep F73:30 PMCLA Niagara On The Lake Wolves5-2Dorchester Dragons
Bantam AEBant AE F84:00 PMALMAS Huntsville Otters5-4Pelham Panthers
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