Travel Permits (Caledonia Minor Hockey)

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Coaches and Team Managers,

If you are planning to play an exhibition game or attend a tournament, please ensure that you obtain the required travel permit through the OMHA.

All tournament travel inside the OMHA have no fee but require a travel permit.

All tournament games outside the OMHA requires a $20 fee.

All exhibition games outside the OHF requires a $10 per/max. $300 per association.

Exhibition Games:

Travel Permits are required for Exhibition Games both Home and Away.

- To play any exhibition game within the OHF Branch an OMHA team must obtain permission from their OMHA Regional Executive Member.

- To play any exhibition game outside OHF Branch, permission from OMHA Executive Director must be obtained as well as notification to the OMHA Regional Executive Member. (Exception border town: example Windsor and Detroit, Fort Erie and Buffalo, will be bound by paragraph 1 - above

Please fill out the appropriate request form below.  PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE OMHA DIRECTLY.

C.D.M.H.A. Travel Permit Request - Exhibition Game
C.D.M.H.A. Travel Permit Request - Tournament

Please submit your requests at least 10 days prior to the date of your game or tournament as this can take a week to get approved by the OMHA.